Le Quadrige

High quality is our accommodation but also the care for the horses and the guidance in the top sport. From the heart of the French Trotting sport we give 24 hours a day all personal attention to your trotter so that it can deliver the performance you dream of.


Le Quadrige is located in a prime location just a stone’s throw from Le Mans, about 2 hours from Paris. The entrainment has room for 40 horses and covers an area of approximately 20 hectares. Two oval pistes of one kilometre each, various forest paths, a safe horse walker and a kilometre long strip offer all possibilities to train Trovers optimally and comfortably.
Your horse can relax in the comfortable stalls which are fresh and clean and in the spacious paddocks which are equipped with a canopy, fresh water, spicy hay and a natural soft soil which is also drained.

The environment

Le Quadrige is located about a 2 hour drive from top racetracks such as Vincennes and Enghien. Racecourse Caen is at 1,5 hours and less than 2 hours drive from Cabourg where many premium meetings are held. Top racetracks at a small distance give your horse the chance to travel with no or minimal influence on its performance.

Qualifying for the races can be done at our home racetrack in Le Mans. This ultramodern 1350 metre course is 15 minutes away from our accommodation. Young horses often go with us to this track so that they get used to the racing system but also to transport. If you come to visit us we would like to show you the historic centre of Le Mans and of course we go to the race track where the 24 Hours of Le Mans is held.

All A and B jobs in France and Belgium can be easily reached from Le Quadrige in an acceptable travel time for the Trotters. So together we can make an optimal schedule for your Trotter and visit races that suit your level. If you only want your horse to race temporarily in France, we can definitely help you.

The possibilities

Both young horses to be trained as well as horses already on course can be accommodated with us. We give them all the attention they need. If you are an owner or international trainer, we are happy to work with you, either temporarily or for a long period of time. We set goals together and make a plan that we both agree with.
In our accommodation we have clean and tidy guest rooms where you or your staff can rest if you have had to make a long trip. But only 4 minutes away is also an All-inclusive Hotel where you can stay with your family for instance.

Owning a trotter is a costly investment that you will gladly make so that you can dream of a successful future on the national and international trotting tracks. We would like to make this dream come true together with you. To avoid any disappointment, our rates are transparent, just like those of our veterinarian, farrier and transport.

About Us

Kurt Roeges and Hilda Hofstra take care of the daily management at Le Quadrige. Together with the Grooms and field staff, they make sure that nothing is lacking for the well-being of your horse.
As head coach, Kurt will be happy to work out with you the best route your horse needs to achieve top performance. He speaks fluent French and knows the route in French racing, which is very important to be successful in France. His years of international experience as both trainer and pikeur and his large international network helps in this. Kurt takes care of the training schedules, registers in the various races and also arranges the riders for the races, for example. Every day he assesses together with the team the wellbeing of your horse and what it needs to deliver that top performance.
Hilda makes sure that the horses lack for nothing and takes care of the daily care together with the Grooms. The horses are checked regularly every day and receive plenty of attention and care. Hilda also participates in the training sessions. She relies on her years of experience as an amateur rider in which she has won many races both nationally and internationally. The stable staff has a lot of contact with Hilda, who acts as a source of information. But she also has an advisory role to the main trainer so that your trotter’s chances increase.


Until your young horse can race you pay € 25,- a day. As soon as your horse is qualified you pay € 30,- per day. These costs do not include medical care and hoof care. We charge € 0.50 cents per kilometre for transporting your horse. In addition, we charge a total of 15% trainer fee over the prize money won.
The rates mentioned are exclusive of VAT