Allround Stable Employee / Groom

Vacancy Allround Stable Employee/Groom

Do you have a harness racing background and would you like to develop yourself in an enterprising team at a French stable? Then this vacancy is definitely for you!

Function:Stable employee/Groom
Field of activity:Harness Racing
Education level:Secondary Education
Hours: Fulltime (40 hours /week)
Location: Le Quadrige, Frankrijk
Starting date:immediately

Working at SeffenSports (Team Roeges)

With a group of more than four colleagues we work to make our horses perform at an international level. The location where we work is fully equipped and is one of the most luxurious in France.

We are a group of enterprising people. The atmosphere is therefore very positive, we all put our shoulders to the wheel. Do you have a new idea? Fantastic! You get the space to work it out.

At our stable we do everything with a good dose of humour, we have lunch together with French sandwiches, we work with beautiful materials and we have a herd of quality horses that we can work with.


Your day as a stable employee/Groom

You start the day by making a cup of coffee. In the morning, before it gets light, you have put the horses inside and fed them. Because of the favourable climate, you prefer to have the horses outside as much as possible. After coffee, you go through the day’s planning with the trainer and the other colleagues, while the horses are enjoying a delicious bowl of feed. The yearlings have been given the day off and the older racehorses are going jogging today. The farrier is coming and you have agreed that you will be there tonight as well, as the trainer is going to visit a friend in Paris and your other colleague wants to relax tonight as she was home late from the race last night.

Together with the trainer you take care of working the horses today, so that your other colleague can exercise and shower the horses in between. You pick up the reins and ride Graal de Busset today. A very nice horse that came to your barn last week. On the track, he gets a little busy, but you quickly calm him down with your calm voice and friendly help. After an hour of jogging and stepping over the immense terrain, you return to the stable. Your colleague gives Graal a nice shower so that you can jog for another half hour with Hilda du Thyral. Sitting on your cart, you come across Killian on his Ferrari tractor. He has dragged all the lanes and forest paths in between so that you can ride on a carpet again. It’s good that you don’t have to worry about that.

Meanwhile, the farrier has also arrived. Together with the trainer you had already gone through which horses needed new shoes earlier in the week. You take the first horse to the farrier, who has already set up his equipment in the farrier’s bay. It’s great to see how he treats the animals, the calmness and respect really appeal to you. In the meantime, you have a little talk with the trainer. He asks you to come to Caen on Thursday. The first two-year-old will be competing in the qualification and it just so happens that you have been taking care of this top horse since his arrival. Together with the trainer you have trained him over a year ago and it is of course great to see him in the ring now. Of course you are coming!

After your delicious French sandwich and cup of coffee with the farrier, you take care of a few more horses. Quality time with the youngsters! You have taught the yearlings to stand still on the aisle so that you can groom them safely. They love to learn from you and get attention from you.

In the afternoon, you drive to the supermarket in Le Mans. Internally, they have a good caterer here so you don’t have to cook tonight. In the huge supermarket, you also check if you can find some nice presents for your mother who has her birthday soon.

When you arrive at the stable, you watch the news in your room so that you are fully informed about the ins and outs of your homeland. Corona is almost under control so your parents and friends can come and visit soon. You miss them a little. Then you put all the horses in their spacious paddocks. The weather is nice and dry, so they are outside again today. Your colleagues have already put hay in the paddocks this afternoon but automatically you check if all horses have enough to eat. Meanwhile, Killian has arrived. Today he is helping you to clean the stables. The stables don’t have to be completely empty, so after an hour you are done. In your best French you chat some more, it is about time that Kilian learns English but you think that will come in time.

When you arrive at your room, you quickly append to your colleagues that the horses are all happily in the paddocks. Quickly you open your laptop and watch another part of your favourite and oh so exciting Netflix series. What a wonderful day.


You will also do this:

  • You will build a lasting relationship with your colleagues and clients
  • You will work with the head trainer to further develop yourself.
  • You take care of and train a fixed group of horses and are responsible for their well-being.
  • You will bring the horses to the track, harness them, stand with them in the winners’ ring and take care of them after their exertion.


Do you recognise yourself here?

You have a real winner’s mentality. To always want to be the best, you are open to advice from colleagues. You are energetic and have guts. If you suffer a setback, you are disappointed, but you do not give up. You have a good sense of humour, are not afraid to be vulnerable and are not afraid to make mistakes.


Can you tick this box?

  • You have an LBO or MBO diploma,
  • Relevant experience in the trotting sport from 2 to 10 years
  • You have a driver’s licence BE
  • You want to live in the area of Le Mans France
  • You have excellent communication skills
  • You can deal well with different horse personalities
  • You can work well independently but also in a team
  • You speak English


Nice to have

  • You have experience in the French or Swedish trotting world


In addition, you will of course receive

  • A realistic salary on your account every month
  • Enthusiastic and pleasant colleagues
  • A bonus scheme
  • A laptop computer
  • A spacious room with private bathroom at Le Quadrige plus shared kitchen
  • Space for personal development
  • Room for own initiative: we love new ideas!
  • A pension plan
  • A flat organization with an informal atmosphere: challenge your boss!


Are you up to the challenge?

Don’t wait any longer, send your CV and motivation letter before February 1st and maybe we will meet soon!

For more information about the position please contact Erik Veenstra at or call 0031 6 21205177


Acquisition in response to this advertisement is not appreciated.